"Our greatest glory is never in failure, but in rising every time we fall."

26 November 2014

And finally


Hai. Quite awkward after almost 1 year this blog left untouched. Jenuh nak cari balik email address because I forgot the most and most important thing, email address. Need to search here and there just to find my email address. At first, I think I lost my blog since almost 1 year I left it but when I tried to googled, it still there. Oh how eh? There might be something that I miss because I know this is the right password and email address. But thanks to Allah and google, finally I found the reason. Well, actually I key in the wrong email address. Previously, I registered with different email address. Since I already forgot that email address, I have to find it from my list-of-things book.

So, here I am. With the word Bismillah, I pronounce that I am back to this blogging world even I know, nobody notice my blog at all.

Last update, December 2013 and now November 2014. Almost one year actually.
Of course, a lot can happened in one year right?

From one job, I moved to another one. At the same time, I am freelance translator. And then, I tendered my resignation because I find it difficult to make two jobs at the same time. I end up being full time freelancer.

And now, I am full time freelance as a subtitler and translator. Also transcribist. Last year, my title is staff but now, I am boss and staff at the same time. I am boss for myself. I don't have my staff yet but I'm looking forward to have one or more than one someday (the more the better, am I right?). Being a boss never get easier actually. You might thing its fun but I tell you, you wrong. The reality is not what it seems. I am boss for myself and I don't have staff. Yet for me, this is not what I was imagine it should be. There's a lot of things to take into consideration. On top of everything is our job quality. Being a freelancer and staff is two different things. If you produce low quality file, well, you know what might happened right? So I don't have to explain more on that. :-P

I need to work my tail off to produce a good file.

Before this, I can refer my boss directly if I have some issue related to translation or other things. But now, I am boss for myself? Me myself have to solve the problems since this is my file.

And now I am 25 (Yeay dah boleh kahwin). Old and mature enough I guess(supposedly). But I don't know if I am mature enough for my age. Sometimes, I feel as I am mature enough to handle my life but sometimes it happened otherwise. I'm not really sure how to put things together when I have to. In fact, I ni jenis kelam kabut plus cepat menggelabah. So, I can't put things into perspective in the sense of think wisely based on situation that I'm in. Well, need to work on that. I tried actually but it doesn't happen overnight. It takes time. Slow and steady.

I always imagine myself as a independent woman. Yes, I am and I proud of that. At this point, I think I am independent because I can stand at my own feet and can help my parents. I admit I still need other's help. I can't deny the fact.

Almost 2 am now. So, got to go. I've got plenty of work to be getting on with. Till we meet again.

Sekian, thanks!

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